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We employ the latest tree preservation techniques. Whether it be fertilizing, treating or diagnosing your tree's health.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is very subjective. Some quotes given are only for only light pruning while others are for large limb removal or crown reduction. When you express specifically what your needs are, you can count on MLS Tree Service, Inc. to best realize your needs and give you on honest quote that won't change. The variance in the prices you receive while getting tree trimming quotes usually reflects the differences of how much trimming and shaping will actually be done by the contractor. Due to the fact that most trees are not trimmed very often, we generally tend to trim thoroughly rater than not enough. Please let the estimator know if you would prefer a "light" trim instead. We also suggest you do not 'top' your trees. (Exceptions to this may include: fruit trees, evergreens, and some others. please ask if you are unsure.)

Tree Removal

Whatever size tree you would like removed, we will do our best to minimize the impact on your yard. you can expect all the brush and raking's from the trees to be chipped and hauled away. The logs and firewood are also removed and hauled away unless you would like some wood cut up and left behind. Regardless of tree trimming or removal, you can expect a thorough clean up.

What Happens After The Stump is Ground Out?

The mulch, dirt and wood chips created when grinding out a stump are usually left in the hole were the stump once was. most of this material is organic and can used as mulch around around landscape bedding's. If you would like to have the "stump grindings" hauled away, we can provide this service. Just ask us for a price if you are interested. NOTE: UNLESS CLEARLY MARKED, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR UNDERGROUND IRRIGATION OR UTILITIES (GAS/ELECTRIC ECT.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you insured?

Yes! We are covered with workman's compensation and liability insurance. Freemont Insurance Company provides complete insurance protection for MLS Tree Service, Inc. We will gladly provide verification with details of our insurance, our you are welcome to call Kennedy Neimer at 734-454-4058 to verify our current coverage.

Do I need to be at Home?

No! It's not necessary for anyone to be home. (Please make sure that your driveway, or any other access point is open if you are not going to be home.) If you wish to be home, please let us know and we will try to accommodate your schedule.

How long until the work is completed?

During regular work season, it generally takes about 5-8 working days. we will notify you before we come out to the job site. If you need your work done on short notice, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. ***Please note: Weather will sometimes affect our schedule.

What time can I expect you?

The crews work 8:30 am till 5:00 pm. You can expect them Monday-Saturday between those times.

I had my tree removed, however the stump is still here.

When the tree removal crew finishes the tree, the stump grinding crew is notified. They will usually come out later that day or the following work day to remove the stump(s). If there is any problem, contact the office at 734-525-6311

Will there be any damage to my lawn or yard?

Removing large trees does create some damage to most yards. Many pieces of the tree are lowered on ropes. however, the log and many sections of the tree may also be dropped on the lawn. We try to minimize and localize the effects of large tree removal. The smaller the tree, the less likely you will notice any effects to your yard. Tree trimming usually leaves the least amount of impact. Some small amounts of sawdust are usually left in the lawn. We will leave your lawn as clean as possible.

How do I pay?

We accept checks, cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover cards and American Express. You may pay the crew while they are there, or we will send you a bill in the mail after the work is completed. Please note: Payments are due within 10 days of receipt. (Late fees may apply)

If you choose MLS Tree Service for your tree service needs, you can expect a highly trained crew, very knowledgeable, hardworking and courteous crew show up at your home ready to work! We strive to be the most efficient and hard working tree service available!